In the early 1980s, shortly after he began his career as a veterinarian, John Caltabiano, D.V.M. established a nonprofit organization called All-Animal Adoption in his home state of Connecticut. His dream was to put people who wanted to adopt animals in touch with those who had them available for adoption.

It was a good idea, but Dr. Caltabiano was a busy young veterinarian with a growing practice to run, so he relied on volunteers to staff All-Animal Adoption while he traveled Southeastern Connecticut in his Mobile Veterinary Medical Clinic treating a variety of animals from house cats to circus elephants.

With few donations and no source of income, however, All-Animal Adoption suffered the fate of many nonprofits and disbanded.

Dr. Caltabiano was disappointed, but not discouraged. He believed All-Animal Adoption would be resurrected someday; he just didnít know how or when.

Ten years later, after he had driven more than a million miles in his mobile clinic, Dr. Caltabiano received a phone call that would change the lives of Connecticut animals. It was from an attorney who represented the estate of Vernon A. Tait. Tait, a businessman and animal lover from New Haven, left a bequest to All-Animal Adoption.

Dr. Caltabiano never met Mr. Tait, but the organization was renamed The Vernon A. Tait All-Animal Adoption, Preservation & Rescue Fund, Inc. in his honor. It is informally known as Taitís Every Animal Matters, or TEAM, and headquartered in Westbrook, Connecticut.

The TEAM goal is to develop programs and services to help needy Connecticut animals and their caretakers.

In July 1996, the TEAM office opened with two employees and a toll-free number that the public was encouraged to call for answers to questions about animals.

Not surprisingly, most calls were from people who were dealing with the effects of feline overpopulation: stray cats, unwanted or abandoned cats, injured cats and feral cats. There were simply more cats and kittens than there were homes for them.

So, TEAMís objective became clear: make spay/neuter more affordable and accessible so more cats are spayed or neutered before they reproduce.

The TEAM Mobile Feline Unit, Connecticutís only mobile spay/neuter and vaccination clinic for cats was launched on March 1, 1997. Through this prototype program, TEAM hopes to end feline overpopulation by providing high quality services at a lower cost.

TEAM is determined to find solutions to problems that affect the health and well being of all animals. Future projects may address overpopulation in other species, as well as issues of public policy and education.

Tax-deductible donations to support TEAM are always needed and appreciated.


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